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Cleaning Fee Charged to Guest ($/stay)

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Airbnb Commission Fee (%)

Actual Cleaning Cost Per Stay ($/stay)

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Note that this calculator does not account for week long stay and month long stay discounts. If you've allowed your Airbnb guests to have a discount on your nightly rate based on their extended length of stay, then your estimated revenue, and subsequently, your estimated profits may be less or more than what is shown.

Calculator Key:

Avg. Guest Stay Duration (required input): This is the assumed average length of stay for your guests for each booking.

Nightly Rate You're Charging ($) (required input): The dollar amount you are charging your guest per night's stay

# of Nights Available Per Year For Bookings (required input): The number of nights out of a year that you are making your Airbnb available to be booked

Percentage Occupied Per Year (%): The percentage value of the available/book-able nights that you think you will be able to actually book guests

Cleaning Fee Charged to Guest ($): The dollar amount you are charging your guest for cleaning up after them per stay

Airbnb Commission Fee (%): How much, in percentage, does Airbnb charge you for listing on their platform (currently this is ~3% of total revenue)

Actual Cleaning Cost Per Stay ($): The dollar amount you ACTUALLY pay for cleaning services

Monthly Mortgage Payment ($): The MONTHLY dollar amount of your mortgage payment (if any)

Yearly Taxes and Other Costs ($): The dollar amount of taxes and other annual costs

How to Calculate Your Airbnb Profit?

Knowing your earning potential for a particular property is an important piece of information for purchasing an investment property or even for determining if managing a property is worth it. In order to calculate your potential profits on Airbnb, you have to first understand what the sources of revenue for you as a host are. When setting up your listing, you'll go through a process where you specific these sources.

First, is the nightly rate you will charge to your guest. Price your nightly rate competitively to maximize your earnings. You can just get a feel for similar properties around your area by browsing the marketplace or use Airbnb's estimates or use a service like AirDNA to get data-backed pricing.

Secondly, the cleaning fee that you charge your guests is included in your revenue and is subject to the commission fee that Airbnb charges.

As for the expenses, Airbnb charges a commission fee from you for using their marketplace and platform. Currently, that fee is 3% of your revenue total. You can read more about their fees here.

Any other expenses are from operating your short term rental business like any mortgage payments, cleaning costs, taxes, repairs, etc.

Once you've gathered your best guess of all of these values, plug them into the fields above and watch how the profit, revenue, and expenses change.

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